Why Graphic Communications Management?

The School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) at Ryerson is the only degree-granting program for managers in the printing industry in Canada. At GCM, students gain a well-rounded understanding of the industry while receiving practical experience. Throughout the program, there are many opportunities to network with potential employers and the GCM internship program allows students to form important industry connections. Students often receive multiple job offers before graduation. To read more about what makes The School of Graphic Communications Management a truly unique program, please see the top 7 reasons to join GCM below.

Practical Industry Experience

Students have the opportunity to complete a paid internship between third and fourth year. Internships offer students the opportunity to network with potential employers and gain practical experience in the industry that they will be working in. Often, internships lead to part-time employment in fourth year, and full-time work after graduation.

Much More than Just Graphic Design

GCM offers far more possibilities for advancement in the printing industry. Students will gain technical knowledge and receive management training so that they are able to move quickly into a management position in this high-tech industry.

Ryerson is Canada’s Innovation Leader

In national surveys, Ryerson is consistently ranked as one of the most innovative undergraduate universities in Canada. Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, Ryerson offers students the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the nation’s most prominent entertainment and creative companies.

Collaborative Spaces and Classes

The small lab class sizes allow students to build projects from concept to completion, offering practical, hands-on exposure to what to expect within the industry. GCM works hard to keep lab classes small, so that students can build a personal connection with instructors and fellow classmates and develop a professional network for the future.

A Mix of Technology and Business

GCM incorporates a well-rounded study of the industry. Students have the opportunity to take technical, business, and liberal arts courses in addition to a variety of minors in diverse disciplines. By receiving a comprehensive understanding of the industry, students will find themselves prepared to take on important roles in the printing industry and often move up quickly to a managerial role.

A Career Oriented Program

GCM has an extremely high student placement rate and many students receive multiple job offers prior to graduation. GCM prides itself on helping students find rewarding careers in the printing industry. Every year, GCM holds a job fair where students can network with industry professionals and the internship program allows students to build professional relationships with potential employers.

Our Grads are Leaders

GCM at Ryerson is the leading program for applied professional education for the printing industry in Canada; in fact, it is the only program of its kind in Canada. At GCM, students will gain the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to become a successful manager in the printing industry.